How to get my website to rank

How to get my website to rank

How to get noticed on Search Engines is a widely discussed and taught about subject on the net. The most important aspect to getting your website ranked well on search engines is definitely choosing the right key words and using them correctly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when putting your website together.

When choosing your keywords, choose a main keyword phrase and then choose another three keyword phrases that relate to your main keyword phrase. If possible, your domain name should have your keyword in it.

Your web page is broken up into three main sections, Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords, meta meaning about.

Meta Title:

This is the blue title that appears when you do a search on Google. Ideally you should make this title 8 - 12 words long, but better too few than too many. Use your main keyword phrase in the title and include some punctuation. It should read like a sentence.

Meta Description:

This won't appear on your actual web page, but will be in HTML code on your site. It will appear as the description of your page on the search engine search. This should ideally be 20 - 25 words long and in sentence format. It is a good idea to take a couple of sentences off of your website. Try to include all three of your keyword phrases.

Meta Keywords:

In your meta keywords tag, just place your 3 keyword phrases. Don't try and spam by adding lots of the same keyword phrases, as it will just hurt your ranking.

Note well that each page on your website should have different meta information. Don't just copy and paste the same information onto each page, as this will also hurt your ranking.

Search Engines today are focusing more and more on the content of your actual page. Try to get a 4% saturation of your keyword phrases evenly spread throughout the page. Make sure that your text is relevant. It is still possible to rank well with 2 - 3% if your content is relevant.

Put in headings to organize your page and break it up into sections. You can use your keyword phrases in the headings.

Name your pictures with keywords so that the search engine can recognize it. Also add an alt tag which is a HTML tag. To avoid being flagged for spamming, only use each keyword in two alt tags, but this is a good way to make you more relevant than your competition.

There are two main factors to ranking well. One is building your site properly and the second is building as many links as possible so the Search Engines think your site is very popular.

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