What is Keyword Research?

What is Keyword Research?


The introduction of search engines changed the nature man gained access to information. These search engines such as Google utilized the power of Keywords to generate results for the search queries. A keyword is a word, sentence or a group of words which acts as a key to cipher a code. In other words, they can be defined as ideas, concepts or topics which determine what your content is all about. Keywords speak a lot about your product or site than any marketing personnel could.

The usefulness of keywords to an online business cannot be overemphasized. These keywords are valuable assets which determine who gets to know about your site and how it is ranked on Google search hence the need to patiently and intelligently research on the right keywords. Keyword research is one of the most vital and a high return activity as far as the search marketing field is concerned. Keyword research has the power to make or mar your site.

Keyword research involves carrying out an in-depth research into learning the right words, or phrases to target with SEO so that your site can rank higher on Google and enable customers to learn more about your brand.

The idea behind keyword research goes beyond getting visitors to your site but ensuring only the right kind of visitors get to know about your site. With the right keyword research, you can easily predict the shift in customer demands and also respond to the marketing conditions by creating products or services which will be targeted towards solving the problem identified. You need to bear in mind that most people who come online are looking for information. The right keyword research removes the barrier associated with low motivations of customers in all niches known to man.

Keyword research tools

These are webmaster tools that reveal the most effective keywords that can be used for your keyword research. These tools either come free or paid. The several keyword research tools are listed below

Free tools: This includes tools which are offered free of charge and allows you to carry out a definitive keyword research in terms of query data, and comparing keyword popularity over time. These tools include;

Google AdWords Keyword Planner which makes use of Google’s Search Query data to generate a list of relevant keywords.

Bing Keyword Research which also makes use of Search query data for the generation of related keywords you could use in your site to rank higher.

Google Trends which ultimately compares the keyword popularity over time in a particular location. This tool typically gives you an idea on what’s trending at the moment.


Premium tools: these are paid tools which offer more at a price. The  major premium keyword research tools include;

SEMrush which scouts the internet for both organic and paid metrics for your keyword, related keywords, and keyword difficulty.

Spyfu which gives you an idea of the activities of your competitor. You get to see which keywords they are using for their SEO and PPC and much more. This opens your eyes to see tap from your competitors' experience.


The success or failure of your online business lies in your ability to research on the right keywords.


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